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The year 2020 has so far been a year of challenges1 and changes and we have lived through situations we thought only existed in the movies. What is clear is that the indomitable human spirit has helped us prevail2. This month is Psychology we offer advice on how to boost3 your resilience. Build up4 your inner strength this May. During and after lockdown5, nightlife as we know it has been nonexistent. However, many people have been getting together online to listen and dance at home to live sets from their favourite DJs. Music is a great way to connect with people. This month we pay homage to6 the DJ in At Large as we tell the story of how the DJ became king of the night. And you can make yourself a healthy mocktail in Food & Drink to give you the energy to keep dancing. The streaming platforms have been the main source7 of viewing entertainment over the last few months, allowing people to bingewatch8 their favourite shows. Netflix is the force to reckon with9 as far as true crime documentaries are concerned10. This month we talk about three that caught our eye whilst we were zapping. Travel restrictions mean we probably can’t move too far from home for a while yet, so why not plan a trip to Lanzarote, an island rich in culture, gastronomy and landscapes11. After reading Travel, get ready to pack your suitcase12! Follow us! We are on @Facebook/EnglishToday and on Instagram @english_today_magazine. We will be sharing contents and previews all through the month. Seguir leyendo

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